beach weather

I know what your probably thinking, "beach weather? in october? chick must be crazy". But I promise you I am not.  As a newbie to Cali I think the weather gods have graced us with 80 degree weather with nothing but pure sunshine.  So we're off to the beach, Gray Whale Cove to be exact.  Awesome little beach down Interstate 1 just above Half Moon Bay and the best part is... it's a nude beach.  I'm weirdly excited and also a little nervous.  Hope there aren't too many old men just 'hanging' out if you catch my drift.  Excited for a fun day with close friends and good food & booze with the sand between my toes.

1. shimmi nicole lace-up bandeau bikini
2. monki burnt orange sweater
3. madewell denim midi shorts
4. modcloth vintage seaside soda shop towel
5. witchery holly canvas tote 

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