Sick Days

Sorry for being MIA as of late but unfortunately the cruel flu found itself a new victim this past weekend. Poor timing as I missed all the festivities of the always fun and exciting memorial day weekend.  The only positive about being sick this weekend was rekindling my love for Dawson's Creek and the twisted love triangle of my favorite Cape Cod high schoolers.  I hope everyone else had a much more exciting and healthier weekend than I did!


date night

Things have been pretty hectic lately so planning date nights with T is essential.  We are both having a blast exploring new parts of Atlanta that we had no clue existed that we have more restaurants we want to try than probably even possible.  The best part about all of this is the opportunity to dress up. My typical go to outfit is jeans and tops and this new aztec print top from All Saints is a new favorite.  Obsessed.

top: all saints // heels: giambattista valli // jeans: j brand // clutch: modekungen


Sunday Brunch

Nothing more beautiful than a dusty rose cut off jean short. Am I right or am I right? Right.  Especially when paired with sheer cream button downs. Perfect outfit for a sunday brunch followed by a trip to the airport as I am sadly leaving the wonderful city of Kansas City today and one of my beautiful best friends.
blouse: 3.1 phillip lim // shorts: all saints // bag: mod cloth // shoes: steve madden 


1 L.B.D. - 2 Ways

Ah the lustrous little black dress. Oh how you might just be my favorite part of my closet... You versatile little thing, you. Nothing better than being able to take the same dress and give it 2 (although you can do many more) completely different looks by only adding different accessories.  Also comes in handy when lending to your friends without them stealing you're entire look.

Left - earrings: stella & dot // bangles: stella & dot // purse: stella mccartney // heels: guess
Right - earrings: stella & dot // bangles: stella & dot // clutch: elliot lucca // heels: zara 


airport attire

Well ladies and gents, I am off to the glamourous... Kansas City. Home of kick ass BBQ and one of my besties.  Craving some much needed girl time and this requires a trip to the airport.  I completely despise those people who show up to the airport in sweats and uggs. Ugh gross. I always try to look somewhat pulled together while maintaining a comfortable feel.

shirt: joseph // shoes: steve madden // belt: house of fraser // pants: h&m 


Put a little prep in your step

Nothing like moving back down to the South to add a bit of prep into your wardrobe.  Im dying over each one of these pieces as all together they create a fun preppy outfit but they work so great individually.  Even better is that all these pieces are under $50...

top: h&m // bag: asos // earrings: lc lauren conrad // watch: timex //
shoes: old navy // shorts: h&m


Sunday Brunch

After such a long day yesterday, another gorgeous wedding (!), the only thing I wanted was a big ole bloody mary... Ahhh and I can honestly say the last thing I wanted to do was try and look cute, which involves wearing a hat because I'm too lazy to do my hair. Go Braves!


Pink Pencil

Just bought this cute pink pencil skirt yesterday from H&M for an amazing $17 bucks. Super excited to mix into my wardrobe and I think a little hint of mint.  Some of my favorite colors that I haven't really had the chance to combine them so I think this is the perfect opportunity.