Wanna know more?!

Little things about me and my little blog:

Born in Sweden, raised in Georgia, college in Arizona, moved to NYC for a year and am now about to move to San Francisco.  I can't seem to stay put for very long.

I'm a young 23 years old, hoping I never have to turn 24.

Have a puppy named Zoe who lives at home with my adorable parents and I have one kitten named Otis who lives with me and the boyfriend.

Been obsessed with all things fashion since I could crawl into my mothers closet and make up drawer. I've worked retail, behind a bar, and currently working in the world of fashion PR and loving it.  A little sad to be leaving it but hoping to find something just as fabulous in San Fran.

All my collage sets are created using Polyvore... a bloggers best friend

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